Visualizer App
Colour inspiration can be found just about anywhere; from a cushion or pair of shoes, to the flowers in your garden. Thanks to the Dulux Visualizer App it's now easier than ever before to bring those colours to life in your home.

The easy to use app lets you pick a colour from anywhere, and, with augmented reality technology, allows you to see the colours live in your living space. And that's not all.
We'll also offer you suggested colour schemes to help complete your look.
Download for free using the links below:
  • See your room in any colour
  • Aim your device at any object and get the closest match from over 1200 Dulux Tailor Made Colours
  • Instant colour scheming when you are out and about
  • Multiple colour schemes for you to choose from
  • Dulux Masterclasses - “how to” video demonstrations
  • Find your nearest Dulux Tailor Made Colour stockists
  • Optimised for both phone and tablet