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Soudal Acrylic Sealant White

Soudal Acrylic Sealant White


Soudal Paintable sealant is a solvent free acrylic based gap filler for the sealing of low movement joints and the filling of gaps and cracks which can be painted with all types of paint within a short time after application.


  • Very easy to apply
  • Colourfast and waterproof after curing
  • Can be painted over after curing
  • Very good adhesion on many porous
  • Surfaces and aluminium
Joints with movement till max. 15%
Connection joints in building industry.
Joints on window sills, between plinths and walls, between masonry, …

  • Colour: white, grey, brown, black
  • Packaging: 280ml cartridge, 600 ml sausage

Shelf life
  • At least 12 months in unopened packaging in a
  • dry storage place at temperatures between
  • +5°C and +25°C. Protect against frost.
Application method: Apply the sealant by means of a manual or pneumatic caulking gun into the joint.
Next finish with for example a filling-knife.
Do not apply when rain or frost is imminent during curing process.
Cleaning: Before curing, Schilderskit can be removed with water from substrates and tools.
Finishing: With a soapy solution or Soudal finishing Solution before skinning.

Repair: With the same material.

DOWNLOAD << the datasheet here